The Rainbow Connection

2020 – The year we decorated the whole world with rainbows!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who responded to my recent Instagram post of the Lockdown pottery with interest, enquiries, lovely comments and orders – I’ve been totally overwhelmed with your fantastic support! Thank you all so much!

Obviously, given the pandemic, we’ve all had to come to terms with huge changes to our daily lives – with not being able to have normal human contact with loved ones, friends and strangers alike…having to stay at home and celebrate birthdays, big birthdays and other special occasions – for some who’ve had symptoms or positive test results – in total isolation – without the normality of get-togethers and parties. Serious worries about health, work, small businesses and finances – it’s certainly been, and continues to be a testing time for so many. 

But, looking at the way in which everyone in the community has pulled together to keep everyone safe and reassured – from all the essential workers to the beautiful rainbows in windows and stone stacks (we call them Macca Paccas!) around the coastal walls – I couldn’t be more proud to be a Guernsey girl, and this is what I aim to celebrate with the rainbow pieces. The recent surge of support and interest for my little pottery business has truly uplifted my soul! Sincere thanks to you all.

This time will pass, but in the meantime stay safe and keep hopeful!

I am still taking orders for the rainbow pieces, if you would like something to commemorate this extraordinary time – please PM me on Facebook or email

*Please don’t order in the comments section on FB as I cannot always see them, and difficult to find to get back in touch! I promise I am not being rude if I have not responded to your comment!

If you have placed an order in the comments and I have responded, I am working on it and will be in touch as soon as ready to arrange payment and collection. If I have not responded to an order in the comments, please PM or email me, as I may have missed it – sorry for any inconvenience.

Each mug takes around an hour and a half to draw; paint; dip and fire, with the kiln process being 24 hours, so I am currently fully booked for orders for the next 6-8 weeks, but I am working hard to get all orders fulfilled as soon as possible.

The Lockdown 2020 range and price list is as follows:

Kids mug (shown with single rainbow/Lockdown 2020 in frame) £13.50 or with name inside & message on base £19.50

Standard size mug 10oz £16.50 or personalised, £22

Big Mug, 12oz £20 or personalised, £24

Butter dish, £33 or personalised, £39

Small jug,half litre £25.50 or personalised, £31 – this has Lockdown 2020 on side, but can be all rainbows on the jug and the wording on the base.

Medium jug, 1 litre, £38.50 or personalised, £42 – this has rainbows all over and Lockdown 2020 on the base, but wording can be put on side in a frame as shown.