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October 2021

I’m sure you’ve all heard the news about the worldwide problems with supply chains breaking down. I recently discovered for myself how real and wide ranging these issues are – and in the lead up to Xmas too! 😬

Unfortunately, there are several pieces in my normal range that I just won’t be able to get back in until next year 😔

Onwards and upwards though! I have managed to source some beautiful alternatives – like this lovely tall jug! Brilliant for long stems and, as always food-safe for drinks.

I’ve painted this first one unashamedly girly with rosey pink hearts all over 💕 

Please note: Although I have been able to source some fantastic new pieces, unfortunately, there will be some popular items that I will run out of very soon and not be able to restock until 2022.

These pieces include:

The 10oz standard mug; the tiny dish; the butter dish; the curvy small; medium and big jugs and the straight half litre jugs.

Sincere apologies – it is completely out of my control, but I’m keeping an eye on it and will bring these pieces back as soon as they do become available.

September 2021


Hope you’ve all had a fantastic summer and are keeping well.

I am currently working on my website, please bear with me – I am not the most tech-savvy! But I do hope to publish an easier-to-view website with options to order pieces online asap!

I am still doing free local doorstep deliveries every Friday, so please get in touch via email or whatsapp/message/call me on 07781 419284 with any enquiries.

I’m updating the website!

Due to the nature of the business, as I paint and dip each piece by hand – all pieces currently shown in the “Gallery..” sections are made-to-order, but I can turn these stock design orders around relatively quickly – within 3/4 days.

I am working on building up stock that’s “ready to go”, which will be photographed and published on the “Shop – Pick up Today” page as soon as it comes out of the kiln. I am also in the process of setting up easy online payment options – in the meantime, I hope the current payment options (by internet bank transfer/cash on delivery) are not too inconvenient.

Order a piece of personalised pottery for someone special

I know few are ready for the C-word! However, as Round Chimney Pottery is just me (and the cats!) I close my order book early every year – to ensure that there is enough time to fulfil all bespoke and personalised orders in time for Xmas. This year has added Covid-related complications of stock supplies and deliveries due to the shortage of lorry drivers and staff at manufacturing depots etc…but I shall do my best to complete all requests!

Too early for the C word?

If you’d like any bespoke/personalised hand-painted pottery pressies for Xmas, please confirm order asap – I’ll be closing my order book for 2021 at midnight on November 5th.

Thank you all so much for your continued support!