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July 28th 2020

*Please note: I am no longer taking new orders for the Lockdown 2020 range*
I am retiring the Lockdown 2020 range as of 28th July – If you have placed an order and are still waiting, thank you so much for your patience, please rest assured – I am working around the clock, 7-days a week to fulfil all outstanding orders and will be in touch as soon as ready to arrange payment and collection.

I appreciate it’s been a long time to wait, and we have now been out of Lockdown for some time, but I am doing my best to get these keepsake pieces of a crazy time out as fast as I can!

If you would rather cancel your order, it’s really not a problem, but please contact me by emailing ASAP so that I can bump your order down the list!

Many thanks, Katie

July 17th 2020

Update on Lockdown rainbow orders and Liberation Day pieces!

I’m so sorry for my delayed responses to all your messages and the huge delay on getting the orders out.

I totally overestimated how quickly I could get the pieces painted, dipped and fired, and also have had unforeseen delays in getting pottery supplies in, due to Lockdown restrictions at manufacturing and distribution levels in the UK and rest of the world. 

That, coupled with some re-makes required due to firing issues (and my human-error) plus two quite serious health emergencies in the immediate family (not Covid-related) – I am completely off-course for getting many of the orders out in the time promised, despite best efforts. I honestly don’t even know what happened to June?!

I am still working around the clock to get your orders finished as quickly as possible and hoping to be able to get in touch with everyone who is still waiting within the next 2 weeks with confirmation of completed orders.

Lessons learned in the last few weeks – you can’t plan for everything; I cannot paint nearly as quickly as I wish I could, and that the Guernsey community of people are the most tolerant, kind and patient humans I could wish to share our island home with!

That said, whilst I do very much appreciate your amazing patience and support, I equally completely understand if you wish to cancel, please email me at with “Cancel order” in the subject field and your name/items in the email.

Thank you all so much! Katie