Made-to-order Price List

Round Chimney Pottery – Made to Order

 Affordable gifts with a personal touch.

You choose the pottery shape; the colours and the theme!

Please allow 4-5 business days for completion of order.

Please note: Pre-payment is required for all personalised and bespoke pieces via a secure debit/credit card payment link, which I will send to you on confirmation of order. All orders will be available to collect anytime from a collection point at my workshop upon completion.

Made-to-order Price List

Some designs take a lot longer than others, but I have tried to keep the pricing simple as follows:

All prices shown below are for personalised pieces in the bolder stock range 

*For children’s hand and foot prints, that require an appointment, and for more intricate artwork – that takes more time to draw and paint – prices will be higher. Please see “hand prints you can keep” for hand and foot print pottery prices, or email/call me for a no-obligation quote for more detailed artwork.

Eggcup, £16

Heart Hanger, £14

Xmas Flat hangers – Bauble; Snowman; Xmas Tree; £14

3D Xmas Bauble, 3″, £20 *Currently unavailable*

Dinky Mug, £18

Kid’s Mug, £21

10oz Mug, £24 *Currently unavailable*

12oz Big Mug, £26

Tiny Dish, £16

Tea Plate, £26

Dinner Plate, £40

Big Plate £49

Cereal Bowl, £28

Big Stew Bowl, £35

Butter Dish, £48

Small Jug, £36

Medium Jug, £52

Big Jug, £72

Straight Jug, £38

Piggy Bank, £49