Liberation Day 2020

75 years of freedom

Before lockdown, I had been planning to do a special collector’s edition design to mark the 75th Anniversary of Liberation Day from the German Occupation. Then time just melted away and, due to unforeseen consequences of the pandemic, my plans got pushed back somewhat! 

Apologies – it’s much later than originally planned, but here it is!

It is a limited edition collection, made-to-order, limited to orders placed by the end of July this year (designs as shown, not personalised). The collection is as follows:
Medium Jug, £42
Small Jug, £31
Big Mug, £24
Standard Mug, £22
Small Mug, £19.50

I’m sorry I couldn’t get it out in time for the big day, but if you would like to order a piece to remember it by, please email me or private message me on Facebook by 31st July and I will get back to you with a reply as soon as possible! 

I’m currently fully booked for the next 3-4 weeks, thanks to all your fantastic support, but working early mornings and late nights to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible.

Hope you have a happy Liberation Day weekend despite the extraordinary circumstances.