All things Guern

Everything I make is hand-decorated, hand-dipped and fired by me, nothing is mass-produced, so each piece is individual and often a “one-off”.

All pieces are decorated to my original designs- many inspired by all things “Guern!”

Donkeys; Cows; Ormers; our famous dairy produce etc. There are “Guernsey Boy” and “Guernsey Girl” donkey mugs; “Gone Ormering”, “Ormer Lover” and now, “PUSHANG” designs for those who like to ‘shang it! Please scroll down for some examples of the current stock designs available – colours are varied.

The Donkey Connection!

The donkey is an iconic animal of Guernsey. Guernsey people are traditionally nicknamed donkeys or ânes, especially by Jersey people (who in turn are nicknamed crapauds – toads).

The traditional explanation for the donkey (âne in French and Guernésiais) is the steepness of St Peter Port streets that necessitated the use of the so called ‘beasts of burden’ for transport (in contrast to the flat terrain of the rival capital of St. Helier in Jersey). Today it is more often used in reference to the nature of a ‘typical Guern’, regarding their stubbornness!

Guernsey boys and girls are proud to be known locally as ‘Guernsey donkeys’ – we are proud, stubborn & fiercely independent!