🎄Xmas Advent Calender – Pics of Gift Ideas🎄


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I will send you a SumUp secure card payment link and directions for collection once sale has been confirmed – your pottery will be wrapped up and labelled with your name on it and put in a collection box….so that you can collect anytime that’s convenient to you 😊

Day 24

Too early? 🤔🤣

Happy Xmas everyone! 🥰

Thank you all so much for keeping me busy with your continued support of my little pottery business ❤️🥰❤️

Hope you all have a lovely peaceful Xmas break🎄

Signing off for now, with my G & T breakkie 🤩🥳 I’ll be back in the New Year – see you then!😊

Day 23

The best gift that any of us can give and receive – is simply Love ❤️

“Love is all you need”, tea plate, £22

Day 22

It was the Winter Solstice yesterday – shortest day of the year, marking the official start to winter😬 But the daffs are starting to show – to encourage us all…Spring is coming!🌱

Beautiful Angel Strawbridge recently  featured this jug on the telly in Escape to the Chateau 🤩❤️

Big “Lovely bunch of Daffs” jug, £70 

Day 21

🇬🇬 Guernsey people never want to be too far from the sea for too long eh?!🇬🇬

A heart hanger for the swimmers; the surfers; the beach lovers; the dog walkers; the ormer gatherers and fishermen; the beach combers and anyone who likes to take a deep breath of the fresh sea air to calm their souls 🥰

Guernsey Vitamin Sea heart hanger, £11

Day 20

This dinky jug is small and mighty! 🌈 An uplifting little pot as happy to sit on a windowsill; shelf or dresser – or working at the table delivering cream or a fancy sweet coulis or individual serving of savoury sauce 🤩😊

Dinky little Rainbow jug, £27

Day 19

To let that busy bee who never stops know how awesome they are and how much you appreciate them! 🐝

12oz You’re the Bee’s Knees mug, £20

Day 18

Half size country mug for the little donkeys 🐴🇬🇬

Little Donkey mug, £15

Day 17

🇬🇬 The cream for all puddings! 😋 This jug is also a cute size for putting hand-picked wild flowers in 🌸 when Spring comes – we certainly get some pretties here 🥰

Fresh Guernsey Cream jug, £25

Day 16

🇬🇬Oh my gosh! How yummy is toasted Guernsey Gâche with loads of melty butter?😋😍

27cm Guernsey Gâche plate, £30

Day 15
Get your ‘Shang out on Guernsey! 🚲

12oz Pushang mug, £20

Day 14
A gravy boat jug to set sail around the dinner table 🍽

Half litre straight jug The Gravy Boat, £30.50

Day 13
Fresh Guernsey Butter 😋

Butter dish, £38
Can’t Elope yellow

Day 12
Dippy egg and soldiers 😍 or as my Dad likes to call it …”the breakfast of Champions!” 😄

Egg cup, £12

Day 11
The tiny dish with so many uses! Here are 6 tiny dishes with little snippets of Guernsey life and memories or reminders of the fun things we do on the Rock 😂🇬🇬

It’s such a versatile little dish – can be used for: rings and things; keys; soap; wall art; oil and vinegar; or literally any garnishing ingredient you need a little dish for at the table 🤩

Tiny dish, £12 Designs currently available (as shown):
À la Perchoine (Bluebeard)
There’s no place like Herm (The Blues)
Blustery walk at L’Ancresse (Green Thumb)
Cup and Saucer Sunsets (Candy Apple Red)
Coffee at Bordeaux (Purple Haze)
Beach BBQ at Cobo (Can’t Elope)

More colours/themes may be available. Please message me – contact details at the top of this page ⬆️

Day 10

🇬🇬For Guernsey-born Girls and Boys and all honorary donkeys 🇬🇬

12oz Guernsey Girl and Guernsey Boy mugs, £20
Cheeky Pinky; Green Thumb

More colours may be available. Please message me – contact details at the top of this page ⬆️

Day 9 🐴Donkey cereal bowls 🇬🇬
For Guernsey-born Girls and Boys and all honorary donkeys 🤩

Donkey cereal bowl, £22
Blues; Pinks

More colours may be available. Please message me – contact details at the top of this page ⬆️

Day 8 🇬🇬À la Perchoine🇬🇬
if you look it up – it is simply interpreted from Guernsey Patois as “Goodbye”, but language is so much more nuanced than that….”À la Perchoine” is a far more gentle farewell – said with affection to someone you’ll miss – until the next time – “‘til we meet again”.

À la Perchoine 10oz (standard size mug), £18
Candy Apple Red

More colours available. Please message me – contact details at the top of this page ⬆️

Day 7 🐴Donkey rainbow dots🌈I’m from a big family of foodies, who collectively create a comforting sense of celebration around nearly every single meal. Even a simple lunch of egg on toast!🥳🍳🍽😋

27cm donkey rainbow dots plate, £30

More colours available. Please message me – contact details at the top of this page ⬆️

Day 6 🐂Guernsey butter 😋
After leaving school and before marrying my Dad and having us, my Mum was a silver service waitress at The Royal Hotel. Growing up, the table-laying was an important ceremonious task for every meal. I never get the knives and forks the right way around (🙈sorry Mum!😂) but the butter is always in a proper butter dish at breakfast 🤗

Fresh Guernsey Butter dish, £38

Day 5🎄Xmas lights🎄
This jug is the perfect size for displaying the £6 roses from M&S that usually last well over a week! 🤩🌹 All of my glazes are 100% food-safe – we normally use this jug for the gravy – often the star of the roast dinner 😋 looks pretty on the table and easy to pass around!

Xmas lights half litre jug, £36

Day 4A taste of Guernsey for Santa 🎅🏼

With so many places to visit on Xmas Eve I’m sure Father Christmas gets to try many different delicacies from around the world, I wonder if he’s every tried our Guernsey Gâche? 🤩😋The 20cm plate is perfect size for Xmas toast and leftovers sarnies after Xmas Eve 😃

Guernsey Treats for Father Christmas, £22

Day 3 🎅🏼Bouan Nouè!🎄
I’m a tea belly – always have been and always will be! I just LOVE my cups of tea!It has to be in a mug – not too big (or the tea will get cold too quickly) and not too small, cos frankly it just won’t hold enough tea! 🤣 These 12oz mugs are just perfect 🤩

Bouan Noué! (“Happy Christmas!” in Patois) Hand-painted 12oz mugs, £20

Day 2 🎄Xmas tree decs🎄

It’s become tradition for me to collect at least one special Xmas tree decoration every year. I collect them on holidays and seek out local hand-made pieces. I have inherited some beautiful 1950s decs from my late Nanny Bish and sometimes I get given Xmas tree decs as presents ❤️ So every year, when I decorate our tree, it’s a happy trip down memory lane – to unwrap and see each decoration again, and connect to the past 🥰

Bouan Noué! (“Happy Christmas” in Patois) Hand-painted Xmas tree decs, £9.50

Day 1 🤩Hello December! 🤩🎄🥳

For displaying beautiful Xmas flowers – or fill up with a fancy Xmas cocktail (or Mocktail!) – all my glazes are 100% food safe.

2 litre holly jug, £62